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So what are White Ink Business Cards?

White Ink Business Cards are business cards printed with white ink and not CMYK inks. In the 4 colour CMYK print process all of the colour spectrum is made up from a mix of these four colours, the appearance of white is actually the lack of any ink and in fact the colour of the paper or card. For more information on cmyk click here.


Why use white ink in printing?

Using white ink for your business card designs, enables you to print white on high pigment colour card. This essentially means you can choose some really nice card stocks, and have white in your design.



Coloured Card for white ink printing.

White ink business card printing

Card Colours Explained.

Charcoal 320gsm:

A slightly bitty off black. Chic in style, booming in taste.

Hot Pink 320gsm:

Be bold be strong with this super-hot deep pink! Vibrant bright Pinktastic!

Sombre Grey 320gsm:

A dark moody grey, with a sligh hint of brown or seal.

Mink 320gsm:

Understated not grey not brown but Mink!

Egg Plant 300gsm:

This card stock feels really nice, very slightly textured and a deep subtle purple.

Muted Red 300gsm:

A blood red high pigment colour – uncoated natural feel.

Royal Blue 300gsm:

A truly understated royal blue – classy – definite – strong.

Navy Blue:

A mild shade of Navy Blue – extramly vogue


100% Recycled Kraft card stock.


Where can I buy white ink business cards?

You can buy white ink business cards at BrunelOne.com

For all other business cards click here.


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